Modern Hay Feeding Systems: What's New?

Posted on: 14 March 2023

If you own livestock, you know just how important it is to ensure they are adequately fed and taken care of. Hay feeding systems are one of the most efficient ways to do this.

In the past, hay feeding systems were fairly basic, with few unique features. However, modern hay-feeding systems have come a long way in terms of design and functionality. Here are some of the most noteworthy features these systems have to offer.

Weatherproof Design

One of the biggest benefits of modern hay-feeding systems is their weatherproof design. No matter what kind of conditions your livestock may find themselves in, they can rely on their hay feeders to remain functional and intact.

Many manufacturers now use galvanized steel in their feeders, which makes them much more durable than traditional plastic or aluminum models. Many models even feature reinforced roofs so that your animals can access their food even during rainstorms. They won't have to go hungry just because of inclement weather.

Horse-Friendly Features

Another great feature offered by modern hay feeding systems is horse-friendly designs. Specifically, many manufacturers now offer adjustable bars at the bottom of the feeder, making it easier for horses to reach their food without straining their necks or shoulders. This type of design also helps keep horses from getting injured as they try to reach for food that is too high up for them.

Some models even feature anti-waste grids, which help minimize the amount of hay that winds up on the ground outside the feeder instead of being eaten by your animals. These grids help ensure that hay remains in the feeder, allowing your animals to get the maximum amount of nutrition out of every meal.

Automated Feeding Options

Finally, many modern hay-feeding systems offer automated feeding options. This means that you can schedule your feeders to release hay at designated times so your animals can always access fresh food.

Additionally, some models even come with remote control capabilities, making it easy to adjust the settings while you're away. This automated feeding system is especially useful if you cannot be around your animals 24/7. These systems ensure that each animal gets exactly what it needs every day without you having to be present or relying on an animal handler.

Hay feeding systems have come a long way since their inception decades ago. Modern models are designed with both weatherproof construction and horse-friendly features in mind so that your animals always get exactly what they need regardless of environmental conditions or physical limitations.

These unique features make modern hay-feeding systems an invaluable tool for any livestock owner looking for an efficient way to keep their animals properly nourished and healthy.

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