2 Signs Your Farm Tractor Needs Immediate Repairs

Posted on: 8 April 2021

When you grow crops on your farm, your tractor is an essential piece of equipment. Without it, you would not be able to till and prepare the soil, nor be able to properly tend and harvest your crops. Because of its importance, you need to make sure that you head off any issues before they cause a complete breakdown. Below are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout indicating that your farm tractor is in need of immediate repairs by a professional.

1.  You Notice Black or Blue Smoke Coming out of the Exhaust Pipe

One sign that your tractor may be suffering from serious issues with its diesel engine is when you start noticing that the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe is blue or black in color. Normally, the exhaust smoke should have a light gray tinge that is barely noticeable, with a puff of black smoke that dissipates shortly after starting up the tractor.

If the exhaust has a blue color, this is a sign that the engine is burning oil. If this is happening, there may be a broken gasket that is allowing the oil to mix in with the fuel.

If the pipe has black exhaust coming out of it, your engine is burning too much fuel. This could indicate a problem with the carburetor. Either way, you need to have the engine looked at before it breaks down.

2.  You Start Having Problems Navigating Rough Terrain

Another sign that your tractor needs prompt repairs is when you start having problems navigating rough terrains. Normally, the propulsion system of the tractor allows for smooth, even maneuverability, even on hilly or rough ground.

However, if the propulsion system starts going out, you will notice that you are only able to easily drive on flat, smooth ground. Any attempt at driving over any rough areas will make the tractor respond sluggishly. Eventually, if not repaired, the propulsion system will fail completely, potentially leaving your tractor stranded out on the farm.

If you start noticing that your tractor has discolored exhaust smoke or is having problems with its maneuverability, you should have it looked at by a professional tractor repair service before it breaks down and leaves you stuck out in the middle of a field. Contact a farm tractor repair service near you to explain the issues that you are having with the equipment so that they can set up a time to come to your farm to diagnose and fix any issues that they may find.