Time To Upgrade

Posted on: 15 May 2020

This story may sound familiar to you: You've got some land and you've been doing some work on, maybe you've even got animals. There's equipment that would help you get it done a lot faster and easier, but you can make do with what you have. Maybe you've been using a riding lawn mower instead of the tractor that would really get the job done, maybe there's an attachment for your tractor that would eliminate some of the work you've been doing by hand. The old pickup is great, but sometimes you need more power to get the job done.

Listen, it's a story a lot of people share. You pride yourself on making do with what you've got- and that's commendable! But it takes much, much longer than it would if you simply had the equipment. And it's frustrating, isn't it? To not be able to pull stumps the way you want to, to not have the hauling power you need. Maybe your herd has gotten bigger than you had planned, and milking by hand is just taking so much longer than it used to, even with the most patient and docile of your animals. 

But farm life is hard, everybody knows it. And maybe it's supposed to be, a little bit, right? Hard work is what makes this country great. But working hard won't get you more time in the day. It just won't. The time you spend trying to make do is time you can be spending on other things that have been slipping. Fence repair, barn upgrades, working on that old truck. 

And you know that, but farm equipment is expensive, right?

So is all that time you're losing. They say you can't buy more hours in the day, but you actually can, can't you? Or at least, you can buy things that help you get more hours in the day. Maybe new is out of your budget, but there's plenty of wonderful used farm equipment that is in a much more reasonable price range. A lot of it was traded in or sold because someone like you- someone who needed something bigger or different for their land- decided to upgrade. 

Many used farm equipment dealers will also offer financing options, but for much more reasonable monthly payments than new equipment would run. You can make your farm better and buy yourself more time to do more by simply upgrading what you've got. Work hard, but work smart.