Things To Consider When Shopping For Poly Pipe Trailers Online

Posted on: 13 August 2019

If you are tackling a massive project that involves installing a lot of flexible pipe or line, a poly pipe trailer is a wise investment, and shopping online yields you many choices. Here are a few things to consider in the process. 

How and where will the trailer be used?

How and where the trailer will be used is something to carefully think about before you start shopping for a poly pipe trailer. If you will be using the trailer in an area close to the sea, it may be important that the trailer has a nice powder-coated finish so that it does not corrode easily. If you will be hauling the trailer to remote locations, you may need a trailer that can accommodate larger tires so that it does not get bogged down when you hit muddy roads. There can be a great difference in what exactly you need depending on where and how the trailer will be used. 

What is your budget for the new trailer?

Poly pipe trailers are available in an array of different styles and boast all kinds of features. Before you get online to start giving your options a look, it is best if you have a certain price range in mind to stick to. Doing so will help prevent you from overspending while allowing you to get what you need at the same time. Poly pipe trailers will be more expensive if they: 

  • have a gooseneck trailer hitch
  • have an automatic spooler that winds and unwinds on its own
  • have hand controls distanced away from the spooler instead of directly on it

It is also important to keep in mind that it is not impossible to find one of these trailers used from someone who no longer has a purpose for the unit. Therefore, if your budget is a little tight, buying used units online may be the better option. 

How will you be hauling the trailer?

Just like most trailers, poly pipe trailers can have different types of trailer tongues. You will find some units that have a regular hitch, some trailers that have a three-point hitch, and some trailers that have a gooseneck hitch. By defining what type of hitch you prefer because of how you will be towing the trailer, your choices will be narrowed, so it will be far easier to find the unit that you need. 

Contact a company like WG Manufacturing to learn more about poly pipe trailers.