Three Benefits Of Installing Large Animal Automatic Feeders In Your Barn Or Stable

Posted on: 26 June 2019

Being a farmer, rancher, or horse stable owner comes with certain responsibilities. Those responsibilities include feeding your cattle, cows, or horses twice a day. As anyone in a similar position knows, there is almost never an opportunity to walk away from those responsibilities. However, if you install large animal automatic feeders, there are a handful of benefits you can reap for all of the hard work you do with your animals. 

The Feeders Do All of the Feedings

With the exception of hay, these feeders can feed your horses, cows, and cattle any type of grain twice a day every day of the year. It means that you could dedicate your time to other chores on your farm or ranch, or in the stables. Feeders can also be used to water your animals as well, if you know how to install them and link them just right to a water source. 

You Could Actually Take a Vacation

If you have automatic feeders feeding and watering your animals every day, you can finally take a vacation. Imagine that: being able to leave the animals behind in their stalls knowing that they will all be fed and watered with no issues. You can just have a farmhand check in every other day to make sure the animals are doing okay and that no one is injured. The feeders do the most important job regarding your animals, and they only need a caretaker for a couple of hours while you are gone. If you have cows and operate as a dairy farm, then your farmhands can manage the milking times in the morning and at night. If anything else goes wrong, you are a phone call away. 

You Can Program the Feeders for Portion Control

Your animals will never be underfed or overfed ever again. You can maintain or control their weight loss or gain by programming the feeders' computer to dispense a certain amount of pounds and ounces to each feeder simultaneously. For animals that tend to eat too much because they are bored, or animals that that frequently have stomach issues, you can decrease their food portions with just a few programming codes. For animals that you need to fatten to send to the meat markets, you can program the feeders' computer to feed them even more grain than you would usually give the rest of the herds. Once installed, read the manual for programming instructions. 

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