Love That Fresh Fragrance And Unique Look? 3 Ideas For Using Cedar In Your Home

Posted on: 1 May 2019

Cedar wood is known for its color variations and invigorating, fresh scent. Because of its ability to resist insect damage, wood rot, and weather damage, it is a favorite lumber for outdoor fencing and structures. But cedar is also becoming increasingly popular for use inside the home. If you are a fan of cedar lumber and looking for some great ways to use it in your own home, here are three functional, attractive ideas you may want to explore. 

Creating a storage closet for seasonal clothing 

It has been known for hundreds of years that storing fabrics and other delicate items in close proximity to cedar wood was a good way to help protect them from insect damage, such as that done by moths. Adding a cedar lining to an existing closet or an entire storage room or space in your home is an excellent way to get this benefit. 

Utilizing the unique, raw edge as a rustic, decorative accent 

When cedar lumber is milled to leave one edge in its natural, raw state, sometimes called live edge lumber, the resulting variation of color and texture can be very attractive when used in home decor and furnishings. Some excellent applications of this include: 

  • leaving the cedar raw edge exposed on kitchen countertops and on the tops of rustic, farm-inspired tables 
  • using cedar lumber with a raw edge on fireplace mantels and headboards in bedrooms
  • using the raw edge on shelving in an office, study, or home library

When a raw edge is left on cedar lumber, it is important to note that it should always be sealed to protect it, to make it comfortable to touch, and to make it more durable in high-use areas.

Utilizing cedar in areas where moisture is present

Another use for cedar lumber in the home is to use it in any area where moisture is present. This can include home saunas, decks in shaded areas where higher humidity may be a problem, and as flooring in greenhouses, potting sheds, outdoor showers, and poolside cabanas. Cedar wood can also be crafted into long-lasting shakes for use as roofing or exterior siding. 

Using cedar both inside and outside the home has several advantages, including improving your home's aesthetic and longevity. To learn more about cedar wood and its ability to offer both versatility and durability for home use, contact a timber supplier like Liese  Lumber Co Inc