Choosing The Right Compact Tractor For Your New Farm

Posted on: 12 January 2019

If you've just bought property in the country to start a small farm so you can become self-reliant, one thing you'll need is a good tractor. If you don't plan on farming commercially, then a compact tractor can probably do all you need as long as you purchase the right attachments for it. Here are some suggestions for buying the right small tractor and some attachments that might be useful on your farm.

Compare Various Tractors For Sale

Unless you already know a lot about tractors and know the brand and size you want, spend some time looking over tractors on the lot. Compare used tractors against new ones to get an idea of the price savings involved. Talk to the dealer about your farm so you can get expert advice on the right tractor for your purposes. Some things that factor into the decision include the size of your property, the type of terrain, what kind of farm you'll have, the jobs you want to do with the tractor, and the tractor's potential to be useful as soon as you buy it and in future years.

Buying based on quality and reputation is often more important than buying based on price because leading manufacturers sometimes have competitive pricing on their compact tractors. However, a tractor is still a big investment, so you'll want to buy one while looking toward the future so that you can use it for many years. Tractors have a long life when they're cared for properly, and your initial tractor may be the only one you need to buy unless you expand the size of your farm.

Think About Attachments You Need

The attachments you need depend a lot on how much you need to transform the land and then maintain it. You might want a brush cutter for clearing overgrowth and a tiller for preparing the soil for planting. You could buy an auger for making holes for fence posts if you need to put in all new fencing. There are tractor attachments for about anything you need to do such as mow, push snow off the driveway, haul bales of hay, and dig into the earth. Since attachments will drive up the cost of your tractor, you may want to buy them as you need them as your farm grows.

Starting life on a new farm is exciting, and you'll have many joys and frustrations, but having the right equipment gets you off to a solid start. Considering advice from seasoned farmers is one way to choose the right tractors for sale and start farm life off right.